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5 Great Vintage Microphones You Must Own

Posted by on Sep 7, 2012 in Diymb Blog, Music Gear | 3 comments

5 Great Vintage Microphones You Must Own

  Microphone prices fluctuate in price depending on model, time of year, promotional event and or the current state of technology. The best place to buy mics (IMO) is online at places like zzounds or amazon. Amazon is one of my favorite as you can find multiple vendors offering cheaper prices than you’d find at the local guitar center. Regardless of what new and improved mics hit the market, and trust me, there are new ones every year. What you should do is focus on small group of “go to” mics. I feel this is important because there are certain mics professionals go to regardless of what’s new on the market. These mics handle a wide range of recording needs without breaking the bank and sacrificing quality. Among this select group of mics my favorites are the following: Sennheiser MD421, Shure SM58, Shure SM57, Rode NT1/Rode N2. Now, these mics can be purchased brand new but don’t brush off the notion of buying them used. I know some of you are thinking “eh, isn’t that a health hazard?” or “that’s gross, the previous owners had their breath all over it and the mic may smell bad or have a little liquid damage”. Mics by Shure and AKG are were made with really solid casings they have around in many studios and are built to last. I say if you come across a used mic like a SM57 or SM58 (just for an example) and it works and looks like it’s in good condition go for it. Those mics are hard to break and chances are if it works now it will last and be well worth the little investment you coughed up. Ebay is a really great place for buying used mics. A lot of times you can find a lot of people liquidating there studios and the mics were well taken care of and in some cases never used. I ran into a seller who’s uncle left him a recording studio. The kid didn’t want the older gear and sold 5 nueman U87 condenser mics at $200.00 each. The mics were in mint condition for the most part a couple of scratch marks on the body of a few but that was it and believe me. I purchased all 5 of those!   Shure Sm58   The infamous budget mic of all time, the SM58 is the most popular go to dynamic mic in the game. It producers a good clean sound and it works great both on stage and in a studio environment. The SM58 is known for being used for recording drum kits but to be honest it can handle any recording task: guitar, vocals, snares (and other drums), piano, flutes you name it, it records it. You can generally find this mic between $50-$80 a pop. Alternatives – SM57, Audix i5, Beyer M88 (I really like that Audix)   AKG D112 Aka The Egg   This AKG gem a newer model of the AKG D12 and is the go to mic for micing kick drums as well as upright basses. If you can find the older D12 go for it (it’s the better of the 2) but if you can’t then go ahead and get the D112. Both mics will get the job well. The...

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